Archy, a Poet and a Cockroach

Archy is the creation of Don Marquis, an American humorist, journalist and author also known for the character Mehitabel the cat. Archie and Mehitabel were supposed poets.

A toast eating roach

In grade five or six I was required to learn a poem and recite it for my class and this is the one I chose. I don't know why it has stuck in my head all these years. Memory is a funny thing. I couldn't tell you what I ate this morning for breakfast. The poems were written by Archy who would compose them while jumping from key to key on a manual typewriter. That is why there is no question marks or capitals as they require two keys and, well, he's a bug.


in many places here and there
i think that fate is quite unfair
yon centipede upon the floor
can boast of tootsies by the score
consider my distressing fix
my feet are limited to six
did i a hundred feet possess
would all that glorious footfullness
enable me to stumble less
when i am overcome by heat?
or, if i had a hundred feet,
would i, careering over the floor
stagger proportionately more
well, i suppose the mind serene
will not tell destiny its mean
a truly philosophic mind
will use such feet as it can find
and follow calmly fast or slow
the feet it has
where'er they go



Tonya said...

I've never heard of these 2 critters. I like them. At first I thought you said you memorized it at 5 or 6 and I was all, "WHOA! Now THAT'S a tough school."

I also like your spider. He makes me smile.


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