Pile o'crawfish

Crawfish Pies

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be eating much of a crawfish pie. It's not the crawfish I have a problem with, it's everything else. I like my seafood 'neat'

Filé Gumbo

What is Filé? It is a spicy herb made from the dried and ground leaves of the sassafras tree. It also serves as a thickener for the gumbo. What does a sassafras tree look like? Here you go:

Sassafras, a tree native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. It is a tree that likes it some east, clearly.

This Sassafras tree is around 250-300 years old.

You'll notice I resisted the banal impulse to refer to the song...damn! Well played Jambalaya...

Cajun, the word, derives from the word "Acadian" and refers to those people and regions with French roots, language and culture. Acadians are from Canada. Mostly the Maritime provinces of PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia but there are Acadians in Maine as well.

Cajuns are decendants of these exiled Acadians and as an ethnic group make up a large part of the state of Louisianna and surrounding states as I'm sure y'all know.

This is the flag of Acadia, which is basically a flag of France with a yellow star.

The Acadian flag was chosen in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island in 1884, during the second National Acadian Convention

I went to school with people from Mischouche (miss-CUSH) and they have a dandy soft ice cream bar there.

The red, white and blue symbolizes their motherland, France. The star represents...Mary? OK. Acadians are proud of their heritage and enthusiastically display their flag on a

lighthouse in New Brunswick

or a mailbox

or their whole house

I'd like to close with images of Acadia National Park in Maine. Acadians also came from Maine.

I've been to Acadia National Park and it's rugged and gorgeous like the Marlboro Man. If they wanted to change the name to Marboro Man National Park, I'd vote a joke because Acadia is perfect just the way it is. Hehe, right all my Acadian friends with whom I went to school...?


Bar Harbour, Maine from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park. Cadillac Mountain is very high for a little mountain and this picture does not capture it very well. Neither did any of the pictures I took on my trip there

OK, I'm sorry, I couldn't end this post without mentioning the song. Who hasn't covered Hank Williams Sr's song "Jambalaya"? Here's my favourite.


Copacetic Daisy said...

How nice I laughed out loud when I got to 'whole house'.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Acadians are not from Maine. Some Acadians eventually went to live there, but they originate from Nova-Scotia and Northern New-Brunswick, first arrived on "Isle-Royale" in 1604. Our flag isn't just like the French flag, our blue is much darker, and the star is for Mary's mother, Sainte-Anne; her star guided the fishermen's boats when they were fishing. (Take this from an anonumous proud Acadian). I like your pictures, and I've seen a few painted houses like that one, I agree with Copacetic Daisy, they are funny, but hey, we're a proud people!! 8)


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