French Word of the Day: Au Contraire

Can ya do the rolling the 'r' thing? If you can that's really helpful in speaking French. And English with a Scottish accent.

In French we say Au Contraire: oh conn trrrreh [rolling the r thing, try it]

It means "on the contrary" or "in an opposing way".

In English we say: oh conn trayer or I have also heard "Oh country air".

Marie: "You lost the knob on the armoire door!"
Peter: "Oh country air! [produces knob] "Viola!"

Anyway, in context it would be used thusly:
Marie: "Are you feeling ill, mon petit Chou Chou?"
Petit Chou Chou: "Au contraire, I am feeling in excellent health today!"

The last words of Henry Ibsen, in French, "Au Contraire!":

A nurse told him he was feeling better. He disagreed. He was right.



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