French Word of the Day: Pamplemousse

In French, Pamplemousse is pronounced: POMP le moos

In English, Pamplemousse is pronounced: Grapefruit.
Of course you can say it any way you wish.


A-Gran said...

Soooo, "Pampel moose" is not the right way to say this word then? You're going to have to be my Professor Higgins.

A-Gran said...

Wait..... does that mean chocolate mousse is not pronounced as "moose"?

Frimmy said...

Yes, moose is right and mousse is pronounced like moose. It's all good. But of course in French you have to say it backwards because that's the French way.

Mousse au Chocolat.

Say: Moose o'shockoLATT

Which looks Irish but whatever, I have my own way to show pronunciation, screw the dictionaries!

A-Gran said...

I repeated it a few times. :D Now I can order one thing in French!


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