Happy Bacon Day!

What is this pig thinking [photo: Ben Pieri]

My mom had Corelle plates like that!
August 24 was International Bacon Day. Wiki says it's celebrated the Saturday before the US Labour Day which, in a rare synchronizing of holidays, is also Canada's Labour Day. The Oatmeal says one of the ways bacon is better than true love - he cites six - is because you only find true love once in a lifetime. Bacon you can have seven times a day if you wish. Oink! Oh and you're a lucky woman, Kyra Sedgwick. He's a bit short for me, but he's hot.

Oh and my apologies, today is also Welsh Rarebit Day. Here's a recipe. Think I'll have that for lunch. With bacon.


Copacetic Daisy said...

Cute post. Figures Bacon gets it's own day.

Frimmy said...

Pie gets its own day too. Pie day is March 14 or 3.14


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