Ink Blot Art

I've been paddling around in the placid art 'lagoon' of the internet today. I came across these colour blots with corresponding finished renderings of what the artist saw in the blot. Fortunately the artist was able to draw. I imagined what I saw in the blot and what I would draw if I were given these blots. Assuming I could draw. Which I can't. These pics were interesting because none of the artist's finished works resembled anything I saw in the original ink blot. It really punches home how our perspective is unique and art is subjective. The artist's name is L Filipe dos Santos from Viseu, Portugal. Here is a brief profile and more of Mr. dos Santos's work.

What do you see when you look at the blots? Here is the rest of his examples of the ink blots.


dirtydisher said...

I see a pig monster, a kotex explosion and a salamander.

Angie said...

I see a blue guy with big muscles, a fleur de lis and a clown. What I don't see is a post that I swear you had up yesterday.

Angie said...

Are you fucking with me? Why do these posts keep changing? Am I losing my mind? Feel free to answer one or more of my questions at your leisure :)

Frimmy said...

I am having issues with blogger. Is it the computer generated percussion video that keeps disappearing? I can't get it to post and stay there, I don't know why.

Yesterday I was having issues getting the finished blot art to post after a "jump". I finally got that worked out and then couldn't post anything else.

I saw a salamander too for the last one. Definitely not two people tied up together!

Angie said...

No, I thought there was another post before the ink blot one, but maybe I'm thinking of another blog. My days are running together

Angie said...

THE SAILBOAT!!! That's what's missing.


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