International Cheese Pizza Day

I like bread. I like various pizza toppings. Just not all thrown together like this.

I like neon signs advertising pizza

It's been interesting looking at the dates of the year and realizing how many different food days are out there. It gives me a focus in the event I have nothing to share and in this case I certainly do have something to share. I will confess to you I do not like pizza. Is it the seasoning in the sauce maybe? I don't know. I will occasionally order a pizza without sauce and have more than one piece but it's...pleh. I like all of the components that go into a I don't know what the problem is.

What's your favourite pizza?

For those who don't like pizza, and I'm looking at you, what's your favourite go to snack?

Now this I would take over a pizza any day!

Or this!

Definitely this


Angie said...

Please tell me those are Doritos.

Frimmy said...

Indeed they are! What the heck did you think they were? *poised to take notes for future possible blog post*

Angie said...

I love Doritos with a passion usually reserved for lovers. I bought a bag last night and just as I was ready to dive in, my daughter came home and I had to share. It was most upsetting.

Frimmy said...

Doritos should be the food of the gods. Is there any salty snack more perfect? I don't think so. Think I'll go get some right now. Be back later


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