International Macadamia Nut Day

Look at them hanging there almost like grapes. I was not expecting them to grow like this. I was expecting them to be dispensed grudgingly by gnomes wearing golden tunics holding baskets woven with saffron threads.

Harvesting in Cuba. This looks like super comfortable working conditions.


Macadamia nuts are found growing in Hawaii, what's not to love? I've also had some sent to me by my cousin in Australia. Or Oz as she calls it. They have all manner of pleasant foodstuffs there and one day I will visit. That's a post for a different day. Maybe a day where I want to talk about the most poisonous creatures on earth. Yeah, that day.

I don't have a recipe for you. Although there are a plethora of them out there online, I like to post recipes I have actually tried. So I will link you to a St. Jacobs, Ontario candy shop where they make candy the old fashion way and where I have seen them make macadamia nut brittle among many others. Making brittle is kinda miraculous. After all the mixing and boiling takes place, they spread it out on the marble slab, form it into a semi molten puddle and at precisely the right moment of hardness, they crack open the sides and rip it in half forming two circles of brittle. See below.



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