Is this really Ali Lohan?

It isn't my intention to be a celeb blogger, there are far too many good ones out there (which does not include Mario's blog because a monkey on crack would be more interesting and you know how I feel about monkeys). But, I saw this and couldn't believe it. Has she had surgery or is this the face of someone who simply doesn't weigh enough? It seems she's been laying low for the last six months in which time she has dropped weight and, some think, had some plastic surgery. For what?! When did we decide that caricatures of women were better than actual women? What was wrong with how she looked in that before picture? I guess it's a matter of time before she's got the tired blond hair weave and pretending to be off drugs and alcohol.

While we're on the subject of Lohans, WTF is this?

They're doing this to mess with our heads, right?


A-Gran said...

Eh, I like some Celeb gossip every now and again. You can toss some pop culture in your blog salad without it taking over.

Poor little Aliana. She used to be such a cutie. Yes, she's had work done. I know "they" say she hasn't, but she has. If nothing else, you can't explain away those lips by weight loss and growing up. Poor Ali has spent her life in Lindsay's shadow and is now ready for her turn in the limelight and she'll do anything to get it. And Dina will be right there too. Pushing the whole way. Here is a link to her modeling photos. What do you think? Some of them look like they were taken before and after surgery.

Frimmy said...

I think she was gorgeous before. I love the fresh face she had. I loved the freckles. I like natural beauty. Now she looks like every other skeletal, human clothes rack. There were a couple of photos that showed her freckles and those were my favourites.

Thank you for the link and the input. I value it.

Anonymous said...

This is going to get a bit of topic-ish, but bear with me.

Watched a biography on Gloria Steinem the other day. And it really made me wonder, when did women stop wanting to be empowered? When did women stop wanting to be strong, and then, as a part of their choices, be in a relationship because they wanted to - not because it's expected. When did women decide EN MASS to jump backwards 50 years and transforms themselves into objects, or as you point out caricatures, for male consumption?
Do any of these girls even know what a suffragette is? Doubt it.

This girl is too young to be messing so drastically with her look. She will soon follow her sisters path. All played out in the public eye. Sad.


Frimmy said...

You're not OT and I wouldn't care if you were.

You're right though. I don't understand who thinks this is attractive. I don't know any men who think this is attractive. Who invented this 'look' and why are we tolerating it? It makes no sense.

A-Gran said...

I loved her freckles too, which is saying something because I'm covered in the little fuckers and so they don't usually charm me. They looked good on her. Made her more wholesome looking.

Ann, I loved, loved, LOVED your comment. Run, don't walk to the junkland link on my blog roll. It's written by a Sociologist-Feminist-Kick ass Chick and she talks a LOT about that sort of thing. I've asked her questions about feminism and she gives very insightful answers. I told her that I think she's another of my teachers. Anyway, I can't agree with you more and I hate it! I've done a couple of posts about this subject and I have a few ideas of where the problem lies. I'd love to have a nice, long talk about this.

Frimmy, now you understand why I always told you to stop apologizing for going off-topic or a long post. Those are my favorite comments... the ones that move on to something else and make you start thinking. That's what lead me to 3 different posts about Niagara Falls.


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