Nine Eleven - Gander, Newfoundland. Little town, big airport, bigger hearts.

Nothing will ever make up for the loss of life on 9/11. For something interesting check out Atheist Granny's post today. She has listed each and every person by name. You will scroll down and down and down and down and you think it will be the end but it isn't. It keeps going and going. It adds a dimension to our ability to fathom just how many people were lost.

On one hand you have an example of the depth to which humans can sink in their insane devotion to blind faith.

On the other hand...

About 200 planes where in the air when the US air space became unavailable. The people of Gander, Newfoundland accepted almost forty of those airplanes, set up shelters, provided food and took into their homes over 6,000 stranded people until their way home could be found. Gander has a population of 9,000.

Local schools and the Legion set up sleeping's kind of sad that this site has become so common during times of disaster

The people of Gander also opened their homes and welcomed strangers the way they welcome, well, everyone. It's a Newfie thing and I adore them for it.

A shot of the planes stranded at the airport

For an article about this you can go here where there is a slide show and another one here where they have a first person account.


A-Gran said...

This was awesome. I didn't even know about that. Newfies fucking kick ass!

Frimmy said...

They're some of my favourite people.

There is a Canadian Forces Base (CFB Gander) there as well. It's strategically located and is a stopping point for refueling on many commercial transatlantic flights. They see a lot of huge planes there. For a little town it has a huge airport for that reason. A lot of search and rescue missions are based out of Gander.

Geographically, if Canada were a pantry cupboard, Gander is in the top right spot right where you keep the peanut butter and the furthest point east in N. America, so it's closest to Europe.

Noelle said...

That is a very nice story I had no idea thanks for sharing.

Noelle said...

Must read the story linked to this blog how touching. Must read.

Anonymous said...

The rest of Canada can say everything it wants about "Newfies" we all know, deep down, they all have bigger hearts than the rest of us.


A-Gran said...

Newfies have the biggest hearts in Canada? I may have to rethink my "Sneaking into Prince Edward Island and living as an illegal immigrant" policy.


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