Nine Eleven

I'm not sure what to say about this being the tenth anniversary of 9/11. All the words used to describe the horror have been used. Then I thought that too often in a situation where there is great sadness people do not know what to say and so they say nothing. We can't just say nothing. So, this is me attempting to say something.

I remember where I was when I heard a plane had flown into the twin towers. I was watching when the second plane hit and when they collapsed. Watching it was horrifying and in memory it seems like time slowed down. Even as I watched it I knew, because we all know these things, that what I was witnessing was nothing compared to what was going on at what came to be known as ground zero and it hurt physically, on their behalf - to see it unfold. Trying to understand the ramifications was impossible.

So, I thought I would just say that no matter where a person lived on the globe, they were deeply affected by what happened. Just under 3,000 were killed from ninety countries and that makes it an internationally shared kind of grief with the US bearing the worst losses and the remaining scar, in the form of a vacant spot the size of the universe, among the buildings of the Manhattan skyline.

To the families of everyone who must be reminded every day of their loss, and certainly every year on this date as the world acknowledges the anniversary, my sympathies and sincerest hope that you are able to keep on keeping on.


A-Gran said...

I'm so happy that you addressed that there were people from many different countries that were murdered on that day. It wasn't just Americans whose lives were forever touched that day.

Having said that, it always touches me when someone from a different country recognizes the pain we all went through. I still remember seeing reactions from people around the globe and it was so touching. So often I think that the rest of the world hates us and it's painful to feel that way. It warms my heart to know that there are people outside of this country that recognize the unspeakable tragedy of what happened that day. It's been 10 years and many of us still tear up as we did the first day. Thank you for commenting on this. Of course the words have already been said but that doesn't make them less meaningful.

Frimmy said...

I tear up even now. I remember when the second plane crashed and we KNEW this was no accident and the realization started dawning on us that this was...evil we were seeing.

When the towers crumpled I lost all composure because before that I held out a hope that people were escaping and there was just not enough time between the plane hitting the tower and it imploding for everyone in those buildings to get out.


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