Remember These Old Tunes?

I was checking out pics of pigs yesterday and was reminded that there was a pet pig on Green Acres. Then I got thinking about those old shows when I was really little and wondering how all those old theme songs stuck in my head the way they did. So, a little cheesefest on a Sunday morning...

Pettycoat Junction

Green Acres
FYI Eva Gabor's sister, Zsa Zsa, is still alive.

Beverly Hillbillies

Bonanza (my sister's fave, I never watched it but the theme song stuck in my head anyway) Look at that young whipper snapper Michael Landon! And Lorne Greene...leader of the Canadian Conspiracy. All hail Lorne Greene.

Gunsmoke (my Dad's fave)

The Edge of Night (My mother's taste ran to soaps and I didn't pay much attention to them, still don't, but I remember she watched this one faithfully and therefore, by osmosis, so did I)


Angie said...

I liked this post very much! I remember most of these shows and I must admit, I was more than just a little infatuated with Little Joe :)

Frimmy said...

He definitely was a cutie. I remember him more from that show where he played an angel...looking it up...Highway to Heaven. I didn't watch that one either, but I remember the show.

Mezzomom said...

The Edge of Night theme brought back some memories for me. In high school, all my friends would hurry home at 3:30 to watch The Edge of Night. By the time I got off the bus, it was just ending. Mom would have the TV on for background noise, but she's always been a bit scornful of soaps so she had little sympathy for me missing them. I felt left out when the girls would discuss the show at school. Imagine my disappointment when I finally got a chance to watch and discovered that it sucked. Really, really hard! I still despise soaps.


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