Steve, Don't Eat It - Mexican Truffle

Infected Corn......that people eat because they want to.

Cuitlachoche, pronounced kweet-lah-KOH-chay, is corn that has been infected by a fungus and is harvested for human consumption in spite of this. The fungus causes the corn kernels to swell because of the spores seeded inside.

This is your corn.........This is your corn on drugs.
Any questions?

Steve at The Sneeze has a feature called Steve Don't Eat It, where he tries something strange and describes for us what the experience was like so we don't have to go through it ourselves. I'm thinking that mushrooms are a fungus so maybe it tastes like corn and mushrooms? We can contact him and suggest new and horrible - but actual foods - for him to taste test and describe. All for us because he's giving in that way.

Got any ideas for a suggestion?


Noelle said...

It just looks so gross. I grew up on a farm where we grew lots of corn and that fungus looks soooo Nasty. Never dreamed of eating it until I saw that somewhere they do. Probably Andrew Zimmer he eats all the gross stuff.

A-Gran said...

I kinda like The Sneeze but I just can't handle the Steve, don't eat it shit. I think it looks like there's an eye in this. *urp*


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