Turned up something interesting today...

This is a fake capsized boat. It was designed by Julien Berthier. He does a lot of interesting art and some stuff that makes you question the definition of art. Some of his stuff made me laugh out loud. Like that boat.

Here is a pic of the boat out of water:

It's designed to operate with a motor. This is how it looks parked at the marina:

Clearly he has a well defined sense of whimsey. You can check out his pictures of this boat here.

Here's a glimpse of some of his other works. A sculpture entitled "Self":

I guess "Self Loathing" or "Self Destruct" were too obvious. His other works can be found here.


Copacetic Daisy said...

Interesting. I like it.

Frimmy said...

I hope he always uses his talent for good. He could reel in a lot of people looking to help him in his distress then totally jump them and steal all their stuff.

Frimmy said...

For Angie, the sail boat is back. Don't know where it went but I'm glad there was a draft to repost. Thanks for mentioning it!


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