Anthropomorphism is a $4 word that means you give human qualities or characteristics to inanimate objects, like trees or wind and animals.

Like Aesop's fable where the North Wind and the Sun propose a competition to determine who is strongest. The wind and the sun cannot literally do this, but when they are anthropomorphized they become animated and conversational.

Or the tree unfolded its branches like arms to embrace the meadow upon which it rested.

Or the monkey sucking its thumb like a baby.

Don't even say "awww!" Snap out of it! This is an animal with an appendage in its mouth. Nothing more. If you could see in a bubble above its head what it was thinking you'd see this:

I made it really small because monkey brains are tiny

This is not the actions of a horrified mother. This is instinct. If this were a humanesque reaction, she would have saved the baby then kicked the shit out of its sibling.


Copacetic Daisy said...

I'm very suspicious that monkey with a blue face might be from another planet.

JustMe said...

I didn't snap out of it...AWWWWE

Frimmy said...

That's OK. Monkey addiction interventions are my specialty.


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