EXTRA!!! Giant Amoeba Found in Pacific!!!!!

Read all about it!!!
(or watch this video from NatGeo*)

I dunno...I didn't really see anything. I didn't think it was that giant either. Maybe because ten centimetres (3.9 inches-ish) is shorter than the heel on a Christan Louboutin pump. All things being relative I guess 10 cms is rather giant for an amoeba. I was just looking for something HUGE. With tentacles and maybe six or seven eyes which would then remove it from the single-celled group, yes, but a girl can wish can't she? *sigh*

*I just learned yesterday that NatGeo stands for National Geographic. A magazine to which I have subscribed for two many years. Everyone was all "natgeo! yay!" this and "I saw that on natgeo!" that and I was lost. What is this natgeo thing? So I asked. Now that I know I feel I can freely bandy the word about and it increases my cool cred.



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