Guilty Pleasure - Les Bicyclette de Belsize

Where is the orchestra? Where are the back up singers? It doesn't matter. Englebert is a guilty pleasure because my parents loved him and so when they had parties Englebert's songs were on the playlist. I have danced with my father to all of the waltzes. He is the kind of waltzer who gracefully takes his partner around the whole of the dance floor while other couples lean back and forth in place.

I would have to say in a lifetime filled with a love of dancing I have danced with my father the most, I had boyfriends and a spouse who opted not to dance for fear of looking foolish, and so I love Englebert for the pleasant nostalgic memories and feelings his voice and songs evoke. Dad is a good dancer still, at 72, and will go the whole evening balls out - sorry Dad, I know you wouldn't like that expression - at all weddings and get-togethers or shindigs or whatever they're called now.



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