Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Slash looks like everyday Slash

What...he changed his hat and added a fake mustache!

I got this from the very funny girls at Go Fug Yourself. They have a gallery of celeb costumes here. Unfortunately they do not have Heidi Klum's latest. You can find that here.

I tried to find a picture with a higher resolution but you know what you get when you do an image search using "slash" and "costume"? Gore. That's what. Or this:

Which is worse than gore

I have to add that Slash, in spite of being what he is, or isn't as the case may be, is one of my guilty pleasures. I think he's hot. I know. I know! Totally not me. It is what it is.



Aggie said...

Oh look, Slash came dressed as the Douche bandito!

Frimmy said...


He totally does look like a douche. I wonder why I like it on him...? He even looks like he reeks. Oh well.

JustMe said...

I will say it. I love Slash! He is hot!!! I also love his music!

JustMe said...

I got a feeling Frimmy is going to end up banning me. Between my love of monkeys and the fact I like pigs. I feel about Slash the way Aggie feels about Johnny Depp. she is going to get sick of hearing from me....Lol

Frimmy said...

Whaaat...?! I don't have anything against pigs they're misunderstood, intelligent animals. I just think people need to respect them and if they're wild and swimming around you on the beach in the tropics, maybe get out of the water.