PSA: Monkeys are not cuddly. Wake up you people!

Dear People who think monkeys are people too:

Look at these pictures and ask yourself:

Are these teeth really necessary if this creature only eats bananas?

What else is in the diet of animals with teeth like this?

Even the babies, when they're not deceiving you into a false sense of caring
because they're cute, have evil meat eating teeth.
You're saying, those aren't babies, Frimmy. Well, I don't really care.

Ask yourself, is meat in their diet? Is that what those teeth mean?
What?! It's yawning? I don't care.

What sort of meat do these animals eat? Let me answer that for you.
Any meat. Including other monkeys.

What would this bite ratio yield in chunk sizes of human flesh? Large or extra large?

This, my friends, is the stuff of nightmares.

My work here is done. Thank you and good night.

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Deviant Monkey Habits


A-Gran said...

I'll bet you would change your mind if they were dressed in tiny little suits! :D

Noelle said...

This blog post has a lot of teeth!

Angie said...

You've scared me straight. My plans for a pet howler monkey are in the can.

Frimmy said...

Little suits just make them creepier!

No howler monkey for you, Angie? What about making it a gift for a special someone?

Heidi said...

That makes me think about whitening my teeth. A lot of yellow in those pics.

Frimmy said...

...and green!

A-Gran said...

And their teeth have teensy, tiny little bits of human flesh stuck in them too. Awwww!

Angie said...

Frimmy! Don't blow it for me, someone is going to be very happy come December 25th :)


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