Shark Infested Golf Course


Angie said...

I'm at work with no speakers. What are they saying about this??

Frimmy said...

"If your game lacks bite, be on guard on the 14th hole" on a golf course near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

There are 6 Bull sharks in the water trap in the middle of the course. They were deposited there by flood waters from a nearby river.

In my opinion Bull sharks are evil because they can live happily in salt, brackish or fresh water and they are the most notorious for attacking humans.

"The sharks are thriving and breeding in the well stocked lake."

This made me laugh:
"In the past local kids used to jump in the lake here to collect lost gold balls for a bit of extra pocket money. Funnily enough, no amount of money will get them to go in the lake today."


One woman interviewed was not impressed that excited chirps about the sharks from her team caused her to lose her concentration.

Other short interviews showed different people saying basically that they are not really scared about it.

That's because in my opinion, Bull sharks could live in a rancid bathtub of black swamp water in an abandoned mountain cottage. Fortunately they have not as yet been able to live or even thrive temporarily on land. If they did, humans would no longer be at the top of the food chain.

Angie said...

Why aren't they trying to oust the damn things?? Some kid falls in the lake, who's going to get sued? Golf course, that's who.

Frimmy said...

I guess the sign is supposed to be enough warning. Since they didn't have the decency to die, I would take them out personally using methods that would be fatal to 6 thriving, breeding bull sharks in a lake in the middle of a golf course. It would be a sacrifice they would have to make because the needs of the many (people) outweigh the needs of the few (sharks) and if you can't be safe from sharks on a fucking golf course where the hell can you be safe??

Angie said...

Signage will help to a degree, but public outrage will ruin them, should it come to the death or dismemberment of a child.

Frimmy said...

They need to remove the sharks and find another way to generate business.

Angie said...

I suggest free drinks on hole 7 with naked dancing on 9.


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