Today's $4 Word - Sesquipedalian

Yesterday in my enthusiasm to re-educate all of you regarding monkeys, I used the word "anthropomorphism". I figure if you're talking to someone and realize you have to explain the word you've used, or they ask what it means, then you need to use different words. People who grasp words easily and who continue to talk above their audience are pretentious ass holes more concerned with their own self esteem than communication. The problem with anthropomorphism is there really isn't a good substitute. It is what it is.

I love it when I look up a word and they use a $4 word to explain a $4 word. ie:
Sesquipedalian: polysyllabic

Ya don't say.

Sesquipedalian means characterized by $4 words.

$4 word means polysyllabic.

Polysyllabic means tons of syllables.

Monosyllabic means one syllable.

The reason I know this word is because my son and I were reading a book and the author used the word and then defined it in a very humourous way. You can almost imagine how easy that would be, right? It made us laugh and we made jokes about it afterward. It stuck in my head because of that. And his too. He knows what it means but doesn't let on. That's my kid.

Since I do not wish to appear sesquipedalian, this will be the last $4 word post. Unless something really killer comes up.



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