Actual Book or Virtual Book?

A collection of books is a possession of sublime beauty

To me, a book is an elegant thing. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I love the smell of the paper and ink. I love the texture of the pages. I love the look of a row of books sitting in a stately manner on a shelf. I even like them piled unceremoniously beside my bed because they're books! What's not to love? Not counting the bathroom, there is no place in the house for my books as items requiring electricity and which provide sports programs have priority. I'm running out of space in my room.

Oh, and I went to the book store conglomerate with a list of classics I wished to buy and they had only one of them in stock. The rest of them were available only as ebooks. Not impressed. Because of these reasons I've been thinking about an ebook reader.
Like this

I've asked around and the only person who even understood my dilemma was a lovely young Filipino man who works for us and whose dream gig, like mine, would be to work in a little book store. Everyone else I know in real life doesn't read books - and some of them are even proud of that. Or, they bought a Kindle for their grandparents. me out here. From your personal experience, do you like actual books or virtual books?

I'm leaning this way

I'm going to be the Jean-Luc Picard of my day. A hold out for an actual book. Causing my peers to shake their head in wonder.

Well I don't care. Listen to Picard quote Hamlet:

Take that, Q! He got that from an actual book!


Anonymous said...

Books. This electronic book stuff is not for me. I like to lay in bed on my side with a book..not the same with a table. Fold the pages over...skip ahead a bit. Or poolside in a lounger. How is it going to do when I drop it in the sand? Or splash it? Or it gets left out in the rain cause I wandered off to do something. If I leave it on my lounger on holiday and someone steals it? Don't care if they get my $8 paperback.

FYI I talked to a lady on my last vacation who has one. She said a paperback will cost her $11 to $13 the online book is $9. Not worth it to me.


Anonymous said...

And if you read a really good book, how are you going to lend it to your girlfriends?


Copacetic Daisy said...

I do Nook Books for PC and then the app for my Black Berry. My lap top goes everywhere with me so it works. I got the unabridged works of Mark Twain everything he ever wrote including an unfinished work for $2.99. Over 2000 pages on my laptop is kind of nice. I've gotten other books really cheep. You could go to Nook Books at Barnes and Noble and check it out. The app down loads for free try it on your computer before buying the device. I think Little Women and Pride and Prejudice loaded for free.
Some books aren't available on the blackberry app I don't really read on my phone much so that doesn't bother me.

Some books you can share I don't know exactly how it works but your friend does have to use the same service or app.

I like not having a due date at the library.

I don't like taking my laptop to bed.

You can even get samples of books and read like 30 pages without buying. That's kind of cool to test a book at your own leisure and not just say in the isle of the grocery store.

I think if your a real avid reader you would probably really enjoy it.

Fun debate.

Copacetic Daisy said...

Do your home work but I think the devices do more than down load books depending on the model you decide on. I think the higher end Nook has color nice for magazines and web browsing and maybe other features I haven't read all about it.

good luck

JustMe said...

I am looking into a kindle fire. I have a friend with a nook and she loves it.

Angie said...

Books. I love books for the same reason you do. I love having them in my hand, I like to refer back a few chapters, to confirm my thoughts on something and I love the smell of the pages. I've been told it's startling at times, when the book ends. You don't have the book in your hand to tell you that there are only four more pages to wrap things up.

It's scaring me, this complete dependence on electronics. Some things are just better left alone.

Frimmy said...

There's something comforting to me in a book. As a child I ventured away from my home in a way I was never allowed to do in real life. As an adult, I traveled to far away places and times and was immersed in completely different worlds. A book means escape for me. I read in a way that submerges me in the content to the exclusion of real life. That's how I want it. I have no where else to go.

As a child I tore off a small corner of a page here and there and chewed on it while I read. I don't know why I did that. The thought repulses me now. A book is a tangible representation of escape to me.

I was disturbed to note yesterday, while searching the data base at the book store, that all but one of the books I was looking for was available only as an ebook.

It was a sad thing that books began to be packaged as paperback afterthoughts to the hard cover first editions but I understand the marketing behind it and I benefited from the reduced pricing it facilitated.

Ebooks scare me because of their format. I understand the convenience it promotes and I will probably take advantage of the ereader one day, but I still don't like it.

Unknown said...

Good thing about ebooks is you can steal them easily from pirate sites. Maybe if someone bought me a Nook or Kindle or whatever I'd use it but I doubt I'll be motivated to buy myself one. For now I'll stick to ransacking the B&N bargain racks once every couple months. Sorry trees.

A-Gran said...

I wish I'd known you were having this dilemma. Dino is an avid reader and I bought him a Kindle last Christmas. We weren't sure if he would like it or not but took the chance. He loved it so much he's now preordered the Kindle Fire. He wasn't sure if he'd like it because, like you, he loves the feel of books but it's worked for him. We don't have as much space for books as other people do and he likes that Amazon sells many of their books for $1.

As for me, almost all my reading is school-related anymore and so I haven't read for pleasure in a few months. I dislike the Kindle. I prefer a book in my hand and it's not something I can get over. He even offered to give me his old one when he decided to buy a new and I turned him down. It's not for me. I don't think you can know if you'll want one until you use it. I seriously thought I wanted a Kindle and he wasn't sure.

A-Gran said...

I agree with Ann's point about cost. If the books were much cheaper I'd consider the Kindle a better deal. I don't understand why they cost as much as they do for a new release.


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