Dunfermline, Scotland

I just read this. It was a quick read in the way that fluffy stories are. You can pretty much skim the pages and not miss much. But sometimes in a novel my brain gloms onto something that is beside the point of the story. As if my brain stops and says; "What's this? I think I just learned something!". This story was set in Dunfermline, Scotland. A book reviewer described it this way:

Pleasingly, the settings are small-town Scotland rather than English country house, and McPherson shines an enjoyable light at the pretensions of the genteel Scottish middle classes. In the new novel, Dandy Gilver And An Unsuitable Day For A Murder, the setting is Dunfermline, where two warring families run rival department stores.
Yes it was quite pleasing. I've read the whole No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series - long before it was a TV show - just for the Botswana setting and culture, mainly. Red Bush tea for example. What is it, how do I get it and what does it taste like? I found out it goes by pumpkin tea here. I tend to get sidetracked off the story and onto secondary things like that. Perhaps you've noticed I also do this with posts.

What's so interesting about Dunfermline? Just this:

This would be the latest representation of Nazareth. I saw them in August. He was wearing that shirt, actually and yes, the guitarist looks like that. Is that a bald priest in the audience on the left? That's so weird because he was at the concert I was at too! Lead singer is the raspy voiced Dan MacCafferty, from Dunfermline, Scotland.

The set looked just like this except I had a douche in front of me wearing a gay cowboy hat who couldn't keep still and didn't care there was a concert going on. I wanted to smash my beer bottle glass of Shiraz Cab over his head.

It looked like this:

No, not this


Only gayer. The crown was shorter and it seemed more...jeweled. It could be I'm just remembering it gayer than it was but I don't think so because when I googled "gay cowboy hat" just now I was reminded that sometimes it's a good idea to have your safe search option enabled and let's just say I saw this douche's cowboy hat on a lot of obviously gay heads - both manifestations thereof.

This goes for a lot of the entries in the Urban Dictionary also

So, no secret I like Nazareth and they sounded quite excellent. It helps that Mr. MacCafferty started out sounding like a grizzled sixty year old that has used his voice to scrape paint off old barns when he was in his twenties, so he pretty much sounded the same as always. I can't decide whether he was ever attractive, but his features have definitely softened in a good way. They're doing a concert in Dunfermline in January. I wish I could go. Scotland is one of the places I long to see.

So, back to Dunfermline. It is a great exercise to read the story in its setting and imagine where everything is and what it looks like as the author tells you. It's way cool to find pictures of the place and find that you've imagined it the way it really is. So the author did an excellent job describing her settings.

Look at that sky! I fricken LOVE thunderstorms.

Dunfermline is also the birthplace of Andrew Carnagie. This was his home:

What's not to love about this architecture? I'm reading Cleopatra and getting totally excited about the descriptions of the buildings and sculptures. See what I mean? Cleopatra who?! Tell me more about the gymnasiums and libraries of Alexandria!! Mr. Carnagie lived in a semi-detached home as some of us Canadians like to call them. Some of us just say duplex. I apologize, I'm writing this blog on a Bacardi breezer and I'm a lightweight in the drinking department.

Naz doesn't tour with a pianist sadly. Meh they worked their playlist accordingly. That means I didn't get to hear this one. Heart's Grown Cold. Sending this one out as a special dedication to a real dick. Good riddance, asshole. Live long and live dysfunctionally. Just like you have been! Only without me.

Recorded for their Homecoming DVD 2002


A-Gran said...

Loved this. Have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I hate those cowboy hats too. On men or women. They scream "douche".


Noelle said...

Who would have expected Andrew Carnagie and Nazareth all mentioned in a clever article that starts as a book review.

I don't think drinking has affected your writing negatively at all.

Thanks for the entertainment.

Frimmy said...

Oh well good! If I keep covering several topics in one post I'm going to be out of the blogging business sooner than I thought.

Aggie, I believe the Johnny depp post hasn't had a comment in a while. if you were wanting some conversation, that is. But you have work to do. So no stalling for you!

Angie said...

I'd love to visit Scotland one day. The history fascinates me.

Frimmy said...

It's the history for me too. Most of our architecture in N. America is young by world standards. The oldest building in Canada was built in the 1600's. I've eaten there. It was the Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens in Old Quebec City. It had a hell of an ambiance and it's a baby compared to buildings in the UK.


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