French Word of the Day: Apropos

This flag is French and therefore apropos to our subject.

In French: À propos is an expression that means "on the subject". In French this must be followed by the word "de" or of. It is pronounced: ah pro POE.

In English it has come to mean: pertaining to, appropriate or about.

Monsieur Poirot: "But no, Madame! My picture here is not à propos for I am Belgian!"

Frimmy: "It is apropos for although you are Belgian you speak French, n'est-ce pas*?"

Frimmy - 1
Dead fictional character - 0

*N'est-ce pas, pronounced: ness PAH, is the French version of the Canadian: "eh?"

Or if it used in a sentence like so: Ceci n'est pas une pipe it is pronounced: neh PAZZ. (is not) . Interesting to note that "pipe" in French is pronounced "peep". I personally am extremely fond of peeps. The opposite is true of cigarettes. Which is the French word for 'little cigars'. Cigarettes, cigarette smoke and therefore rude cigarette smokers (because there are many very polite smokers I know) annoy the hell out of me because when I catch even the slightest whiff of cigarette smoke, I get an instant headache and feel nauseated. Also, they throw their butts on the ground like it's something they're entitled to do. WTF? Gum wrappers are litter but butts aren't? How do they figure that? If they didn't hang out in front of public entrances with their toxic clouds of headache and nausea producing smoke OR blow their smoke into my drive-thru window messing up my feeling of good health, I wouldn't care. At all. However I have been known to follow a pipe smoker around just to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of their tobacco. So it's not smoking/smokers in general that annoy me, it's just cigarettes. I just worked that out this moment. I'm glad we had this chat.

"This is not a pipe"
Is so a pipe, eh.


Frimmy said...

It also occurs to me that if I didn't have an intolerance to cigarettes I'd probably be puffing on one right now.

Anyway I don't think it's the tobacco itself that causes the stabbing pain in my eyes when I smell the smoke. I actually LOVE the smell of raw tobacco. I think what causes the problem is whatever it is tobacco manufacturers add to cigarettes - chemicals and fillers - to help their financial bottom lines.

Noelle said...

I switched to an all tobacco (no chemicals or additives) cigarette about a year ago. I have smoked for years. I smoke less I feel better and I enjoy the cigarette longer because it last longer. They cost more I don't think I spend more money because the cigarettes with the chemicals burned so fast the ashtray enjoyed as much as I did. Butts are trash no question. I try to be a polite smoker not too many places to smoke inside I don't smoke in the house or anyone else's unless they don't have kids and smoke themselves. (rare) That cuts the amount one smokes. I could have one lite right now. But instead I have to go outside. Which is fine I don't want to smell the stale left overs. Apropos.


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