"One For The Money"

I read Janet Evanovich. Pure unadulterated fluff and perfect for mental holidays.

Anyone who has read the series imagined what actor will play which role when or if the movie ever comes out. Well, it has come out.

These are not the actors I would have picked, especially Katherine Heigl. Daniel Sunjata as Ranger?? No. No no no no. I'll go see it anyway. Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur? Maybe but G-Maz was teeny, tiny in the books.

We will see I suppose.


Angie said...

This bums me out. I read up through about the ninth or tenth book and no WAY is Heigl Stephanie. This sucks.

JustMe said...

I am so bummed out at the actors for this movie. I will wait til it goes to dvd. I really thought Sandra Bullock would have made a great Stephanie. and Queen Latifah for Lulu. Vin Diesel would have been awesome as Ranger. Yes I have given this a lot of thought! Book 18 goes on sale November 22 and it is my anniversary. Yes I do not ask for much.

Frimmy said...

I thought Sandra Bullock would have made a perfect Stephanie and I imagined Queen Latifah in Lula's part whenever I read the books.

Of course it was many years ago when I started reading these books and I imagined Benjamin Bratt as Ranger. Now I don't think that would work so much. Maybe The Rock, except that Ranger is not that big. No idea who would work as Morelli.

One thing is certain, there is no way I like Heigl as Stephanie. Not one bit. That really does suck, yes.

JustMe said...

The rock might have looked good for Morelli


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