Rape aXe, "A medieval device for a medieval deed"

Rape aXe, anti-rape device

This is a gadget designed to be worn inside the vagina and intended to be an anti-rape device. It's a female condom with 'teeth' which ensures that when the penis is inserted, it will be immediately removed with Rape aXe anchored firmly causing vengeful retribution. It is believed the criminal will then have to seek medical attention if he ever wants his dick back. Here is a website with a computer video simulating how it works.

Let's just stop a minute and define the word prevent.
  1. Keep (something) from happening or arising
  2. Make (someone or something) unable to do something
Since there has to be penetration for the device's teeth to grab the penis, it means if the device is successful, it has also failed to prevent a rape. Sure a lot can be said for watching a man grappling with a rubber sheath anchored to his dick with teeth but I would just rather not have had any contact in the first place.

There are critics who have spoken out against Rape aXe. Yes, really. Women would have to wear this constantly on the off chance that they will be raped. Also, the potential for increased violence against the victim is possible. Just me, but if you're living in a place where you feel the need to install a Rape aXe to protect yourself in case of rape at any moment, your life is probably not worth much generally speaking. And yes, it doesn't really deal with the fact that rape is not sexual. However, if a potential rape is taking place, does anyone really want a debate about the reasons why this crime is taking place? No, rape is not a sexual crime but if it's going to happen why not stick it to the dick anyway?

So obviously I'm torn about it. I hate that some women live in a society where they are forced to take this action, but I don't like that it's promoted as a rape prevention when it certainly does not prevent rape.

My idea of an anti-rape device would be something that works far away from the vagina and takes the rapists head off before he even comes near me. Sure it's messy, the man's future is canceled permanently but no rape will have taken place and there's one less dick in the gene pool. Win/win


A-Gran said...

I share your conundrum. On the one hand, I fear a woman could be horribly abused by an attacker after he runs into this. On the other hand, symbolically biting a rapist's cock appeals to me.

Sahra said...

Knowing a rape-axe might be used on you, as a rapist, effects the solution alluded to at the end of your post. Your rapist is turned off the idea by the thought that they MIGHT lose their dick to a rape-axe device. In South Africa, 1 in 3 women are raped. If I have two friends, one of us will likely have been raped. Rape-axe is a preventative idea, not a preventative device. Maybe five or ten well publicized emasculations will prevent fifty to one hundred rapes. It's hard to say how many people are NOT raped as a result of using any kind of preventative measure, isn't it?

Frimmy said...

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you adding your perspective. I know if I lived in a country where I could very well be raped, I would want to inflict as much pain as possible on my attacker.

Frimmy said...

...and also the idea that a rapist knows this device has entered the general female population would act as a deterrent if his area of interest is restricted to the vagina is also a consolation. A limited one, but any deterrent will reduce those horrible odds.

Unknown said...

the only way to stop a rapist is to kill it. an injured or mutilated dick will murder and torture in retribution. testosterone is poisonous, full of gore and ugly potential. this rape axe is a pipe dream but a really entertaining idea. i enjoyed reading about it.

Frimmy said...

That's pretty much how I feel too.


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