Tourtiere - French Canadian Meat Pie

I'm doing a post about tourtiere because that's what I'm making for dinner tonight. Like soup on a cold day, tourtiere is a comfort food. I made mine with phylo pastry because I always have some on hand and I didn't feel like making pastry. So I guess mine is more like a galette, or free form pie, rather than a traditional pie.

Recipes vary from home to home but the general list of ingredients include ground pork with some ground beef or game meat to add depth to the flavour. Onions, garlic and sage (in my family) complete the seasoning. Other spices used are cloves and nutmeg. I like a tiny bit of cloves.

Always serve with potatoes, mashed and then whipped with butter and a little milk. This photo, borrowed from the internet, shows asparagus but I'm having salad.


Noelle said...

This looks yummy. Why make pastry when you can have nearly ready phyllo?


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