Merry Couple of Days - Jason Mraz

As of now I am off for the next two days. The chain for which I work closes Christmas day - entirely! - and New Years evening/night which marks the only hours out of 365 days where I most likely won't be called or texted about some work related issue. Time off is over rated. There will be a line up of people waiting to get in when I open the store on the 26th (and January 1).

I have the 24th off and I have to tell you it disappoints me a little because I enjoy telling people "We're closed" and I couldn't be happier sending you off empty handed because you couldn't be bothered reading the sign notifying you we would be closing. You assumed we don't have lives and we aren't human because we're never closed. 24/7 is a long, long day. So I'll miss that this year but not enough to volunteer to work it.

Anyway, I may post prodigiously or I may not. I hope whatever you're doing, it's something you want to do and it's with someone with whom you want to be doing it.

Probably older than dirt and seen by billions but it makes me smile and it's my blog.


A-Gran said...

Holy shit, I too would love to sadistically stand in the drive through window smiling at everyone and explaining how the business is closed so that the employees can enjoy their holidays the same as you are.

I need to write a blog post on this.

You are not entitled to coffee on Christmas unless and until you are ready for your job to be open on Dec. 25th.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nothing is ever closed anymore. Why? Do I need to shop at Walmart at 2:00 am the week before Xmas? Apparently I do.



Frimmy said...

We manage a Tims located inside the local Walmart and the staff there say there are maybe 7-10 customers that come in through the night.


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