Notice anything unusual about these pictures?

They're oil paintings by photorealist Steve Mills.

Yes they are.

He nails reflective surfaces like this

And glass

Seriously, you are looking at a painting. An oil painting.

This is the one that gave it away to the lad. He was still blown away though. He said the rust looked too clean. But remember the peeling paint? I'm thinking this rusty chain and bolts must have looked exactly like this. Because that's what he does. He paints exactly what his eye sees. I'm so jealuz.

Nice work.

Steve Mills

Steve Mills' web site. Go and be filled with wonder at the things other people can do with their hands. Me, I can pour coffee. That's about it.


iambriezy said...

THAT was amazing.

Noelle said...

Amazing! You find the coolest stuff Frim.

Angie said...



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