Red Light District

I drive home from work about the time school buses are lined up and waiting to take children home for the day. If I'm running late, as I most often am, I run into these same buses dropping off children. I have never once encountered flashing red lights when children are being dropped off. (or picked up for that matter) W.T.F.? I thought this was a given. I have lived in a lot of communities in my life and every one has had school buses with flashing red lights indicating when it is not only unsafe, but illegal to pass a school bus. I assumed this was universal. Not here. What I have encountered were motorists just as confused as I am about whether I'm supposed to stop or not for a bus with flashing amber lights. What would you do? Cars both ways stop then creep ahead wondering what their responsibility and culpability is in this ambiguous scenario. In a situation where children's safety is involved, is there room for ambiguity?

So today I decided to get to the bottom of it and I was not successful. Just thought I'd throw that in now in case you were looking for a happy ending. I called First Student Canada and asked the receptionist what the deal was. She said that they are not allowed to use flashing reds as this is against the law in our town. Inconceivable. So I called City Hall and asked for the bylaw office and nobody is available to help me right now. This is not over. A friend of a friend of mine knows someone who knows someone and I will get answers.


Anonymous said...

No kidding! Here they even have a little stop sign that props out from the side of the bus when they stop.



A-Gran said...

How can you not be allowed to use flashing red lights?

Ann, we have the little stop sign here too and the flashing red lights and there are signs all over the bus warning you not to pass. The amber lights would confuse me. There are some situations that call for flashing red lights, and warning motorists that children are crossing the road is a pretty good excuse for using flashing red lights.


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