Flower Towers Using Reclaimed Trees

Walk into the 50-acre Glacier Gardens in Alaska and you'll be met with the sight of upside down trees planted throughout. 
[photo: Suzie Rozie]

[photo: Jenny Jens]

In 1984 a landslide swept away trees and much of Thunder Mountain in Alaska. Ten years later, Steve and Cindy Bowhay bought six acres for the purpose of establishing greenhouses.  

While reclaiming the land, Steve accidentally damaged a landscaping machine and in a fit of frustration, he used the machine to pick up a large fallen tree stump and slam it upside down into the soft mud and the idea for how to use hundreds of fallen trees presented itself.

[photo: Ginette C]

The upside-down trees known as “Flower Towers” are local Sitka spruce and Western hemlock. The tops are buried several feet in the ground, while the roots become a nest for arrangements of brightly colored begonias, fuchsias, and petunias.

[photo: Photo Nut 2011]

[photo: Photo Nut 2011]

[photo: peolson48]

How nice is it that hundreds of dead trees have been recycled into something so functional and beautiful?

Would the Real Shrek Step Forward

That's a dumb title but I'm leaving it. Apparently Shrek was based on an actual person. This is him. Probably you all already know this. Tell me what you think. Or not.

In some versions of this picture they have 'shopped Shrek in black and white.
You know, in case we couldn't make the jump with our tiny brains.

ahaha...carrying away fair maiden as ogres are want to do

Maurice Tillet was born in Russia to French parents. He suffered from acromegaly which is a condition sometimes caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland causing bones to over grow and thicken. Sometimes it's caused by blue fairies after they've cursed you. Before this started happening he was nicknamed "The Angel" because he had an "angelic" face. Do you think I could find pictures of said angelic face? No. Why? Because acromegaly sells better. Also? His baby pictures might not exist due to his family not being able to have someone take his picture. Cameras might not have been invented way back then. In Russia.

Contrary to what you might assume, he was an intelligent person and spoke several languages. How many did Shrek speak? Two tops? Assuming "ogre" is a language, that is.

He was so smart he was on track to become a lawyer but his condition prevented it. Why? Because back then looking like a lawyer was OK but looking like what a lawyer's heart would look like if that heart was a face was not OK.

Andre the Giant in his prettier, slimmer hipped days

So what's a poor kid with acromegaly to do? Naturally, he became a wrestler. Like Andre The Giant. A the G - also known as André René Roussimoff and who also had acromegaly - didn't have a story book character based on him. He actually became the ogre, so to speak.

Anyhow back to Maurice Tillson. He became a wrestler. After five years in the Navy as an engineer. He seems to have accepted his unique facial characteristics and gone on with his life and considering he started out as "The Angel" I think that says something about his character. Andre the Giant took to drinking a lot and that was his undoing. Maurice Tillson died of heart disease in 1953. Tillson and um Giant went on to gain immortality as storybook story characters, well reported on by all who knew them. What's better than that?. 

Frost Flowers by Nature

I like posting about artists and the unique way in which they see the world or the unique ways they use everyday things to create something of wonder. However, when conditions are exactly right, nature can bestow upon us beautiful things in unexpected places. Like frost flowers. Ethereal and tantalizingly short lived, when you see them, they capture your attention and wonder.

[photo: source]

Water is drawn up by the plant via capillary action and begins to seep out of cracks in the plant stem. This water freezes on contact with the air. As the plant continues to draw water, it pushes the ice layer further and further from the plant stem and it also freezes on contact with the air. This causes a delicate formation of ice that resembles petals in the case of small plants and hair-like ice formations in the case of woody plants or tree branches.

What results is kind of magical.

[photo: MarkInspex]

[photo: MarkInspex]

[photo: MarkInspex]

Reminds me of Christmas ribbon candy or lasagna noodles, only prettier

Ice flowers melt very quickly in the sun and are probably gone by the time most people are up and about.

[Photo: cotinis]

[Photo: cotinis]

[Photo: cotinis]

[photo: crestedcrazy]
It doesn't just happen with plants and branches as you can see from the photo above. This is Crestedcrazy's gate.

Frost flowers, or frost castles, ice castles, ice blossoms, or crystallofolia, form when the ground has not yet frozen but the air is at freezing temperatures. Late fall or early winter are the best times to find them. Maybe if you happen to be outside in those conditions, check around for some frost flowers.

More pictures here

Secret Santa Gift

I and a group of girlfriends have a annual gift exchange where our gifts are more about getting the perfect 'thing' for the person in question than getting something expensive. I think we all put a lot of thought into it and we all have a lot of fun doing it. This was what I got this year. It couldn't be more perfect. It's a spark plug cook with a book in one hand and a cooking utensil in the other.

This is a sculpture by Dick Cooley and I apologize for the lighting. You can see more of his work here. I did a post on his work a while ago which you can read here.

Thank you so much!!


I'm calling in sick for the blog. I have the entire week off and what normally happens when I have a stretch of days off is I get sick. Better than calling in sick to work I guess. 

Over the last few days I have tried to compose several different posts - one on the process of embalming which I thought was fascinating in the beginning - but I just don't have the motivation to finish them. I lose steam midway through and then wonder why the subject appealed to me in the first place. I've tried looking for inspiration in all my usual places but there is nothing going on out there that even comes close to firin' mah laser.

I'm supposed to be making spring rolls with the Lad this week and haven't done it yet. Today I bought Sriracha sauce for them. We will get to it.

Anyway that's why it's been kind of dead here. If you need me I'll be cocooned in a blanket, drinking Neo-Citran and watching the Lad play Rage.

PIcture Dump

Everyone knows it's made with unicorn blood


Whew! I was worried until I saw the bible!

Now THAT'S a scarf!

This is the reason the US has banned Kinder Surprises. Because of people like this.

I would love to be walking along this street right now.
It would have a muffled quietness to it and it would and smell so fresh. 

So...this is a bread sandwich?


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