Dream On - Ronny James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen

Middle Earth rocker, Ronny James Dio, does a better job than Aerosmith but Yngwie Malmsteen (Not his real name. Really.) makes the guitar sound magical. Try not to look at the slideshow, it's mostly Dio and the never ending goat hands. Ronny James Dio's voice was bigger than he was and way better looking. Malmsteen did not make Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists of all time but Eddie Van Halen did. To me that indicates an extremely low credibility level. But then according to that list the best guitarists of all time came on the scene in the mid sixties. Sure. Sure.

Yngwie Malmsteen playing some guitar with the Japanese Philharmonic. Yngwie's real name: Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck I can see why he changed it to something much easier.



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