I freaking love Soundhound!

I've used Soundhound quite a bit to identify songs I'm listening to but this week I had an ear worm and couldn't nail it. I couldn't search lyrics because it was sung in Spanish (update: Meissa, in the comments, told me it's Brazilian Portuguese) and it wasn't playing anywhere for me to capture it. So I hummed the tune into Soundhound and voila!

Bear in mind I didn't say I loved the song, I said I couldn't get it out of my head.

In spite of me humming it, it picked out what song it was supposed to be. Technology is amazing.

Soundhound is music retrieval program that can identify songs by 'listening' to them and comparing them to a database. It is available for iPhone and Adroid. Check it out here. The free version has ads but I don't notice them. I like it a lot better than Shazam.


Unknown said...

WOW Lambada! I remember when Lambada was all the rage in dance styles. It was SCANDALOUS I tell ya.

FYI, that's not Spanish, it's Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you for the memories!

Frimmy said...

Thank you for the clarification! I thought it was strange I couldn't recognize even one word of 'Spanish' in this song!

Is Brazilian Portuguese different from Portugal? Like Quebec French is different from France, maybe?

Unknown said...

I think it is a little, like you just said. There should be a spanish version of the lambada somwehere. But I prefer Kaoma's.


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