It's cold

Currently -30C (-29F) with a windchill of -40C (-40F). Once you get that far below zero, Celsius and Fahrenheit see eye to eye on the numbers.

Schools are closed which is a good thing. They never used to close - for any weather related reason - but last year during a cold snap, colder than today, one of the schools had a fire emergency and had to evacuate. You know what evacuations mean, right? Leaving immediately without stopping for non essentials like coats and boots. The entire school population of kids were out in -40+ windchill with no outerwear for way too long. Let's just say that experience has made the powers that be a little more wise when it comes to closing the schools.

So I'll be spending the next little while trying to stay warm. It feels colder even in the house. I know it isn't but psychologically it feels freezing.


Angie said...

I'm horrified at those temperatures. When we are in the teens, I want to curl up and die. The older I get, the more convinced I am that I want to move south for the winters.

A-Gran said...

That horrifies me too. I can't imagine there are places outside of Antarctica where it gets that cold. I want to move to Canada still but Toronto is looking better and better at those temperatures.

Frimmy said...

Toronto doesn't get Chinooks. Last week we were in the 50's and walking around without jackets. This week we're in a deep freeze and next week when the Chinook hits we'll be back above freezing again. Toronto just stays cold.


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