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So It's been in the -40's the last week (windchill factored in) and today it's -16C (3F) and I'm happy! It's almost balmy out there. I think the gods have taught us a valuable lesson here and I for one will never complain again.

Except for this snow scraper I bought. It's super duper awesomeness seduced me and I bought it without examining the scraper blade.

For some reason manufacturers like to put a little curve in the scraper blade. Why? Because the windows on the cars are slightly convex? Clearly these designers have been sitting in their air conditioned offices in Texas thinking that the glass in autos etc is slightly curved so we'll design our blade to be curved as well.

Earth. Round.

Bad idea. That's like designing a shovel with a curve in the blade because the earth is round. Sure, it has a curve to it but not the one foot wide path of earth my shovel is scraping.

My ice scraper successfully scrapes off about a centimeter (quarter inch) on both edges and leaves the rest of the width within those edges untouched and pristine. When it's 40 below I don't have time for that shit.



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