Weird Flavours.

I was surfing the other night and came across a collection of photos on a post announcing weird flavours of otherwise familiar products. I don't know where this person lives, some bland, white bread, unsalted planet no doubt, but these are certainly not weird flavours in my opinion. I'll rate them on a scale of 1-10. O being a big yawn and 10 being the weirdest thing I ever ate which was...hmm...let's say cow tongue.

Oo! Salt & Vinegar. Ewww!!! Actually, this is my all time, go-to flavour if I'm craving potato chips. Here on the planet Canada, salt & vinegar is so common we even have crazy variations like Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar. I love those also.
Weird Factor: 0

This is the normal Pringles line up of flavours at my local Walmart.
I personally love Extreme Dill.
Weird factor: 0

Haven't seen these but I'd try them. Weird Factor: 3

These look awesome, where can I get some? Weird factor: 0

OK, this is different. Bolognese is a meat based pasta sauce. I don't see a problem with this flavour combining with potato chips. Since I've never seen this concept before I'll award it a higher score. Weird Factor: 5

I grew up on an Island on the east coast. This is about as normal as a hamburger for Sunday lunch but since you can order it at the local MacDonalds it gets extra weird points. In fact it's about as weird as being able to order a Filet O' Fish. Weird Factor 3

More fast food weirdness here. Some of the MacDonalds menus around the world do not look weird but actually look awesome.

So I decided to do my own search of weird flavours and was nauseated and delighted by some of the things out there. Here are some weird and unusual Kit Kat flavours from Japan. I'm not a chocolate lover so none of these really look appealing to me. What do you think?

Matcha Green Tea. I don't get the big Green Tea band wagon chefs have jumped on these days. It's ok, I suppose, but not worth making into a new flavour for everything under the sun. Flavours follow trends and I will join in IF I like what it is. For me, goat cheese will always taste like what goats smell like. Disgusting. I do not need to be trendy that badly.

Apple. Apple & Chocolate?
Semi weird

Salted Caramel. The best sweetness ever! I'd even eat this if it was enrobed in chocolate.
Not even close to weird

Red Beak Soup.
I googled "what is red beak soup" and there is nothing out there.
Could this be a translation issue and it's supposed to be Red Beet soup flavour? ie: Borsht?
I love Borsht. I don't want it as a candy though.
Weird as shit if it's really about beaks

Pumpkin. I've seen recipes for chocolate and pumpkin. I wouldn't add chocolate to anything pumpkin but would you?
Not my taste but not weird

What an awesome way to ruin a potato!

I've seen terrible things done to sweet corn and this is one of them.

I think I would definitely try this. About the only way I like chocolate
is when it's mocha'd with coffee or espresso
Not weird

Again an espresso based flavour with the awesomeness of caramel.
So not weird I can't believe Starbuck's doesn't sell this.
Totally unweird

I love vinegars. This looks interesting. I wonder if it's chocolatey
Weird but I want to try it anyway

Unusual ice cream next

Spaghetti Ice Cream. Pasta is a neutral food which can be eaten either as a savoury or sweet dish. Like grits. Some like them with butter and salt and others with sugar. I don't think I'd try this but it isn't repulsive sounding. It looks repulsive, yes.
Semi weird

Really not much of a stretch from those molded jello salads usually found at pot lucks, this is strawberry ice cream with peppers, tomato and cuke.
Slightly weird

Squid Ink ice cream. Again another food trend I find unappetizing. Maybe it's the "ink" part. Who eats ink? Maybe it's the squid part as a dessert. I like Calamari...but ink?

While horses are worshiped here as romantic, intelligent creatures to pamper and indulge and accrue much debt for, in other countries they're considered livestock and delicious. I have no problem with that but as ice cream? Nah.
Weird but an awesome idea for what to do with a used horse.

Goat = pungent stench. Goat products = pungent noxious flavour
Goat anything = weird

Hot Chili ice cream. This looks awesome
Not weird

Someone always has to luxe up basic awesomeness by adding caviar even when it doesn't belong. You know, adding caviar to something doesn't mean you're classy and appreciate the finer things. It means you're topping something with fish eggs. You wanna be careful where you do that.
Whatever weird

Octopus bits in cherry slush. Oy.

Next up canned foods. To me, unusual food or flavours involve insects. I have never knowingly eaten one and I will never. I realize this is just a mind over matter thing. I don't care.

Really, there's nothing wrong with squid as a food. This just looks unappetizing.

This is what I'm talking about. I'm not going to eat a scorpion but it's not so different looking than a lobster or shrimp when you really take a look.


I grew up in a household with a British background and this stuff along with organ meats were common dinners. I hated anything organ related - steak and kidney pie? Gag me - but I didn't mind tongue. Sliced thinly with some mustard it's quite good.
Not weird

Here on the planet Canada, Asian ingredients are found everywhere including grass jelly. The local grocery store even carries black skinned silkie chickens (including head and feet). This is a jelly made with a Chinese mint leaf.
Totally not weird.

Had 'em. They're good.
Not weird

Seriously? Escargots are delicious
Not weird

Not one of my favourite fishes but I've had them several ways and they're not hideous.
Semi Weird

Maple Leaf is a major food brand here in Canada.
They process meat among other things and this is a flavoured 'spam' if you will.
Not weird. Seriously.

This is just a bad idea.
Semi Weird

A food that bites back. If those are teeth, and it's hard to tell what this is, Russian herring gets a weird designation from me. I really can't imagine a herring with teeth like that. It looks more like a shellfish shell but I can't read Russian.

Canned meat only chicken.
What's weird about that? Unless it really isn't chicken.
Not chicken? Weird
Otherwise, not weird

Brains are in the same category as insects for me.
I avoid getting my cholesterol levels up this way

I absolutely LOVE conch. If I could get this product here I'd live on it.
This is SO not weird.

More unusual canned foods here


Heidi said...


My favorite chip flavors are Salt and Pepper, Salt and Vinegar, Dill Pickle, and Cheddar/Horseradish.

Those teeth scared me.

A-Gran said...

You are much more adventurous than I. Half of those things made my stomach roll. And what's up with caviar? I don't care how classy it is and how much of a hick I am: fish eggs is fish eggs and fish eggs is GROSS!


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