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In the wake of Anne Frank's re-conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, someone has created a web site to convert any dead Mormon to homosexuality. I saw this on the Dirty Disher's blog and had to repost it. Mormons baptize the dead and this has not been the first time Anne Frank has been a Mormon. It's happened several times before and actions like these have provoked outrage in the Jewish community and lead to an agreement from the Mormons to never baptize holocaust victims. Fortunately, Mormons can 'take-back' baptisms and have had to do it on numerous occasions when someone has noticed. How many have they successfully baptized without anyone noticing?

"alldeadmormonsarenowgay" was made as a joking rebuttal to the Mormon church's insistence on converting dead people and we all know payback is a bitch. You want to convert people who have no free choice in the matter based on your freaky belief system? OK. Your dead grandfather is now gay.  

The Mormon idea is that souls live on and families exist in time. So converting a dead relative is a way to ensure that that person's soul is saved from hell.  The idea is that if you personally are a descendant of this person, and you are Mormon, you can have your ancestor baptized. It's completely altruistic.  *dead eye stare* How many could have descended from Anne Frank, a 15 year old girl with no children? The Mormon church has been busy baptizing dead people like a contestant at a hot dog eating contest scarfs down wieners.   Every past president who has died is a Mormon. Pretty sure Albert Einstein is.  I wonder if they have baptized any Saddam Husseins or Osama Bin Ladens?  They could really use the extra boost in afterlife goodwill., a for profit date base for researching genealogies, is based in Provo Utah and was started by two Brigham Young graduates. Ostensibly this would seem like a noble service but with the whole baptizing dead people thing you just know there's something else going on here. They're providing information to me, for a fee, on my dead people which they have already acquired.  Why do they have this information in the first place?

In the end their belief is nonsense and I feel no threat personally.  Baptize me after I'm dead?  That's fine, whatever, if it makes you feel better.  I'll leave milk and cookies out for Santa when he visits next too.


A-Gran said...

I know I should be riled up over it but the whole thing seems silly to me. I converted a few Mormons to homosexuality today.

Hope you like licking labia for all eternity, Diane Reed.

A-Gran said...

Larry Morgan now has a flair for interior design.

A-Gran said...

Ronald Green now loves the peen.

A-Gran said...

Patrick "Gay Action" Jackson now plays for the Lavender League of Gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about the creators. I am a little more aghast at the Mormon Church.


Frimmy said...

I was a little put out to think they might convert me after death and posted something about it. I was a bit pissed just because it goes on records for posterity, namely But meh, it's their fairy tale not mine.


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