Concerning Chris Brown's Grammy Tweet

Well, that would be because he's retarded AND ugly

Grabbed this from It's true.  Not the "still just a woman..." caption, nobody should be beating anyone up even if they are assholes, but the comparison between what he should have said (and felt) and what he did say. The tweet was all him, without being filtered through his publicist, and reflects the debased mentality of a self important, entitled, mentally challenged man.


Heidi said...

I will never like him, ever. I do not understand people. You hated Ike Turner but Chris Brown is okay??

Frimmy said...

Yeah, I don't get it either.

A-Gran said...

I agree 150%.

Also, WTF new commenting system?

Frimmy said...

I know right?! I thought I messed up some setting and screwed up my commenting format. Also when I check my blogs from my phone they're all in a new format as well. Not sure if I like or dislike the new phone format. I think I like it. It loads quicker and the posts are condensed so more fit on my screen.

This comment format though...Not sure about it. But it's not hideous.


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