Grammar Mistakes We Make - Nauseous

The word "nauseous" doesn't mean you're feeling sick in the stomach.  It means you have the ability to make others sick in the stomach.  Say you were a dish of seven day old liver sitting on the counter stinking everything up, then you would be nauseous.

When you are sick in the stomach, you are actually nauseated.  "I feel nauseated" is the correct way to say what you really mean, followed by appropriate gestures like miming sticking your finger down your throat.  In case saying you were nauseated didn't get your point across.


A-Gran said...

I had no idea. *blushing with embarrassment*

Frimmy said...

Me too!!

iambriezy said...

So glad you're both as stupid as I am.

Angie said...

I feel so superior now.

(This is Angie, being nauseous)


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