Grammar Mistakes We Make - Irony and Coincidence

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Often people claim something is ironic when it is simply coincidental. The example in the article I'm stealing from suggested this scenario comparison:

Barbara moved from California to New York, where she ended up meeting and falling in love with a fellow Californian.


Had Barbara moved from Cali to NY to escape Californian men and then met and fell in love with a fellow Californian, that would be irony.

If a woman chooses not to have an outdoor wedding out of fear that it might rain, but the sprinklers go off accidentally in the reception hall she booked to avoid rain, that's irony.

The correct word to use to tell someone you have a fear of long words is:  hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Now that's ironic.

One of my fears is globophobia which is much easier to say and doesn't even involve words of any kind.  Unless they're written on a balloon.


A-Gran said...

Irony is hard to get right and this reminds me of an episode of Futurama where people keep using the word "irony" improperly. Bender then comes along and says "That's not ironic!" In the end, something awful happens and he passes by to note, "Now THAT'S irony!"

A-Gran said...

I went a-googlin' and found that I was incorrect about when Bender describes irony. He sings it in a song. Here's an explanation of that episode no one will read or care about. I'm not even bothering with putting it in a link.

Now, if someone DID read that and learn the definition, that would be ironic, yes? No? I don't fucking understand irony.

Anonymous said...

@A-Gran, that made me laugh.


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