Grammar Mistakes We Make - Moot

Totally a moot point

Moot does not mean something is superfluous or beside the point.  It means that although the argument may be irrelevant, the subject can still be open to discussion or debate.


Unknown said...

I thought moot meant something like mute.

Noelle said...

What does one do? It's no fun to have to educate anyone who might use the word wrong, or educate anyone who might misunderstand you by using it correctly. It is moot.

Frimmy said...

lol at both of you!

Really, I find as long as I know what's correct and am able to use it correctly when necessary ie: public speaking (yes I have) or formal business environments then I'm happy. I perfectly ok with allowing anyone to say what they want or I don't watch my words in an excruciatingly correct way. Who do I need to impress? People like that annoy the hell out of me. Unless they're my friends.

If someone asks me what the meaning is of a word I just used I consider it a fail at not knowing my audience. Who needs someone talking above them? When people do it knowingly they're being dicks.

I will even tolerate someone saying "irregardless" without twitching.

Anonymous said...

*shudders* @ irregardless


Unknown said...

I remember a certaing CEC used to love to say "irregardless".


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