Only in Canada? Oh! Pity!

I can't tell you how often I've settled on an online purchase, after painstaking research, only to find out the company does not ship to Canada. It doesn't ship to Alaska or Hawaii either but that's irrelevant to me.  You have Alaska and Hawaii and we have Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut (because even in Canada, they get the shipping snub.  Stay tuned).

Actually, in fairness to the eCommerce industry, it is not through malice that companies do not ship to Canada much as I like to complain about it. It is due to the inconvenience of navigating customs and all that that implies.  Many companies are handicapped due to distribution agreements with the brands they sell in the US. Many companies who pride themselves on excellent customer service find their efforts in Canada road blocked by customs and logistics constraints leaving the Canadian consumer unhappy with the company with whom they are dealing and leaving the company unhappy with being unable to live up to their standard of service.

The same restrictions apply to what copyrighted material is allowable in Canada which severely limits what I can download on a Kindle Fire, for example. Which is why I haven't bothered with an eReader. Yet. It would have come in handy on a recent flight though, so the jury is still out.

Expect More, Pay Less?  We'll See.

I am pointing this out but not offering a solution, you understand. I'm not sure if there is one. Target is opening a flagship store this year in Canada and has plans to get hundreds more stores up and running but first they're waiting to see how the flagship store fares. The reason is not because Canada is slow to embrace American chains. Most of us are familiar with these names from having traveled extensively in the US and exposure to American cable channels and print media. It's because their prices will be up to 35% higher here than in the US and because we are exposed to Americana so thoroughly, we will notice. The prices are higher due to the difference in dollar value, yes, and Canadians are willing to accept that but 35% higher is far more than the difference in the US exchange rate.

It is a legitimate price difference that factors in all kinds of add on costs like transportation, distribution and tariffs. Yes Walmart faces these same issues but they are so huge they can absorb some of the differential in cost and, well, it's Walmart and Walmart is massive.

Orders are only available in Canadian Provinces.  Suck it US and Canadian Territories!
Aww I didn't mean it, Territories. ((hugs)) and suck it

I am not the only crazy person to love cheese and I'm particularly fond of a specific cheddar from my youth which is not available in Western Canada. So I buy it online and have it shipped. I kinda laughed when I saw that Thornloe only ships in Canada.  Poor sad people not living in Canada. This is truly the best cheddar in the world.

Anyway I was also reminded of an ancient series of advertisements by Red Rose, a Canadian tea company, whose tag line pointed out that it was only available in Canada. Here's one:

Anyhoo, we pay more for the same products when they come from the US and that's that. Can we change it? Well, I would ask what Canadian would be willing to become the 51st state?  Cuz that would change things dramatically.  No border? No problem. I consider it the lesser of two evils because do Canadians really want to be the 23rd province of the People's Republic of China? 

2012 - Year of the Dragon


A-Gran said...

HOORAY for Canada-only shipping!!! Snub us. We deserve it!

Copacetic Daisy said...

I had no idea.

And what A-Gran said.

Frimmy said...

Remember it happened with the Dansko shoes? I ended up finding a dealer in the city so it worked out. It often does but it often doesn't. Damn border.

A-Gran said...

Give us your oil and I'm sure we can make you North Wisconsin or something.

Except Nunavut. Fuck Nunavut.


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