A Slab of Moo and Make It Bloody

There's a scene in The Emperor's New Groove where an evil minion morphs into a short order cook at a diner. Both he and the server place and serve orders using slang terms for food or diner lingo. I've always thought diner lingo was amusing and it almost went extinct but is enjoying a renewed popularity.  It has has some influence on our language, "mayo" is diner lingo for example.  Here are some more examples:

Sinker and suds

single with a shimmy and a shake

Abbott and Costello

Elephant dandruff

Bossy on a board

Burn one, take it through the garden, pin a rose on it and give it shoes.  Hold the grass.
(Hamburger with lettuce tomato and onion, or loaded, for take out, on second thought, no lettuce)

Cowboy with spurs

Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em

Mike and Ike

"A slab of moo and make it bloody" means I order my steak rare.  For a huge list of diner slang check out this web site here.



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