Stupid Driver Rant

Oh hai!  Don't mind me, I'm obstructing your path for an extra special driving challenge!

What you're looking at here is a photo taken by me on my way home from work today. I'm approaching a residential intersection and there is a huge pile of snow (red circle) being crafted by a grader-type machine (yellow arrow).  This pile is right in the middle of the road and the grader is carrying on without regard to traffic and without any signs warning that there is road work going on. No orange cones, no flag people, no indication of how we are to navigate this obstruction. Just a guy in a Caterpillar piling snow and traffic be damned.

The SUV, on the right traveling ahead of me, gradually slowed down and pulled over while the driver assessed what the hell was going on. I took the picture, passed her, pulled a u-turn and went home a different way. Because WTF?

This town is so retarded.  Remember this is the town that has a bylaw in place that makes it illegal for school buses to use their red flashing lights?  You know, because a child has to die before someone will change that law.

I saw a city road crew working in the right hand lane of a main thoroughfare last year. Their "lane closed" sign was no more than fifty feet from where the crew was doing the work. Do you know how little time it takes for a vehicle to cover fifty feet going 60 kph?  NO time. No time to change lanes, and virtually no time whatsoever if someone happened to be glancing elsewhere briefly. That would be what happened to a guy in a jeep ahead of me. He ran over their little toy traffic cones and came to a halt right in front of the guys working on the road.

Oh and this town's drivers are just as retarded. The guy in the jeep flipped ME the bird. What the hell did I have to do with it?  Today I came across an SUV doing 30 in a 50. This happens all the time.  Sometimes there's two of them driving side by side like annoying, pace cars on the slow road to hell. Or how about the people who ride your tail, pass you then slow down?  Why don't cops ticket these people?  It's against the law to drive well below the speed limit too!  Then there's the ones that can't regulate their speed at all and fluctuate between 20 or 30 kph up and down for no discernible reason! I figure if you're driving you should know what the hell you're doing. How did you pass the test? I've never been patient behind the wheel.  In fact I turn into a different person completely.  But folks, pick a speed and stick to it, OK?



A-Gran said...

Fucking morons. And what if you couldn't see the guy on his little plow and drove to the side and ran him over. I assume you'd be in big trouble?

Frimmy said...

This was a huge grader. The kind with the blade mounted underneath midway. Between the thorax and abdomen if it were an ant. It would have run over me.

Frimmy said...

Maybe that puts the snow pile in a better perspective.


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