Where Did You Say That Was?

So I was reading Cracked today and came across this vague reference to a place in Canada:

Canadians.  *face palm*

Spruce Grove, Canada would be where exactly?  That's like saying "They found the fountain of youth in Lumberton, USA!!".  It bothers me a little but only because even credible sources don't seem to understand that geographically speaking Canada is the second largest country in the world until China assimilates us.  Would this same source cite a town in America without its state?  You might ask; "How many Spruce Groves can there be, Frimmy?"  OK, I'm busted.  Maybe there's only one and maybe it's right here in Alberta.  I was just trying to deflect that but it was only ever going to be a one way road to Quackville.  Yes, there is a guy who considers a buffalo a house pet and he lives nearby.  Oh and Brokeback Mountain was almost entirely filmed nearby.  And Shanghai Noon.

Cracked article was "The Most Incredible Real World Beast Masters" and you can read it here.


Tonya said...

And then the farmer said, "That's no lady, that's my buffalo!"

Anyway, I totally get why it would annoy you to be treated like there's not a variety of territories and provinces in Canada (Visit The Atheist Granny for info on exactly HOW MANY there are!). By the way, I met some folks from Canada last week. Their names were Jim and Sandy. Do you know them? I'm sure you do. I told them to tell you "Hi."

Frimmy said...

LOL! Wow you saw Jim & Sandy? It's been so long since I saw them! I imagine the twins are pretty grown up by now. Is Sandy still a red head?

Anonymous said...

I totally get this Frimmy. Agreed, it's irritating.


Unknown said...

Canadians. lol.


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