All Canadians Will Be Penniless by The End of The Year

This penny and 24 others like it will get you
25 cents toward a purchase of anything

It costs 1.6 cents to produce a Canadian penny and it hasn't been pure copper since about ten years ago. There seems to be no good reason for keeping it around so Canada has opted to remove the penny from circulation.  As of the fall, businesses will be required to collect and turn in all pennies to the bank.  So now instead of constantly running out of pennies at work, we will be amassing them in numbers heretofore unheard of. I'll be glad when that's over.  So long, penny.

Interesting fact: The maximum allowable amount of pennies you can use to pay for a purchase is 25.  So the clowns who like paying for their orders in pennies can suck it.


Tonya said...

Let's all read this and follow suit, America. Fuck the penny.

Noelle said...


Anonymous said...

But what about the "need a penny leave a penny" bowl????


Frimmy said...

I know right? Maybe the 'need a penny' bowl is what brought us to this point. Shoot nobody but little kids bother to pick them up off the ground anymore.


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