Charlie Farquharson & Anne of Green Gables

Do you know this man? Perhaps from HeeHaw?  

Wiki describes this character:  
He would deliver his opinion about matters local and worldwide, using many malapropisms in the process that often resulted in both double meanings and increased satire about the events. He was also known for his loud hearty laugh "Hee! Hee! Hee!"

Charlie is perhaps Don Harron's best known work.  This is Don Harron:

Hotness!  He probably smokes. (which is not even on my list of what is hotness)
I was never a fan of Charlie Farquharson but I am a great fan of Don Harron.  Mr. Harron is a talented comedian, actor, director, journalist, author and composer and has earned a spot in the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

He was a student of Northrop Frye and wrote My Frye His Blake which was an abridgment of Frye's book Fearful Symmetry book which has been hailed as one of the most important contributions to the study of William Blake and one of the very first that embarked on the interpretation of many of Blake's most obscure works.  You know you're getting into deep dark corners when you have to provide links to pages explaining who and what you're referencing when describing someone else.  

Harron's daughter, Mary, is a noted independent film director whose credits include I Shot Andy Warhol and American Psycho.

Anne Of Green Gables - The Musical is based on the novel, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery as any ginger worth her weight in carrots will tell you. The book on which the play is based was written by Don Harron and he was a co-writer for the lyrics to the all the songs.  

AofGG - The Musical has been performed every summer since 1965, headlining the Charlottetown Festival at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Prince Edward Island, making this Canada's longest-running main stage musical.

Confederation Centre where they show things other than Anne of Green Gables also.
And there's an art gallery.
I have had sheet music from this play since I was really young and I remember reading Don Harron's name on the header thinking it must be another Don Harron.  All I knew was Charlie Farquharson.  This bumpkin character had come to eclipse all his other work.  It seems to me that it's typically Canadian to have accomplished a great deal but be content to be known as a Charlie Farquharson.

Here is a trailer for the muscial.


A-Gran said...

Holy smokes! That old hillbilly was actually talented???

A-Gran said...

"Ginger worth her carrots."


Frimmy said...

I wrote that for you, btw

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I hoped. :)


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