What nice Prada shoes the pope has there.  I'm sure they were donated.

This pretty much sums up why I think the pope et al would be going to hell if there was such a place.  In the future, religion will lose the ability to veil the eyes of its followers because of flaunting this kind of wealth in the face of poverty-stricken adherents.  How did they get this wealth, anyway?  Oh right.  Centuries of robbing countries of their gold while converting the heathens who populated those countries.  I can't stand the obscenity of it. What?  You think there's a god who will protect all that wealth for them?  Funny.  If there was a god, he'd be fed up with the obscenity too, don't kid yourself.


A-Gran said...

That picture made my stomach drop. It puts all of my problems in perspective. No matter how shitty life may be I don't have to sit and watch my child starve to death.

Jesus Christ would never have worn Prada.

Noelle said...

It's just obscene.

A-Gran said...


You're right. That's the perfect word.



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