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I just finished The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and found it very interesting to learn about the hysteria around WWII and the subsequent internment of Japanese Americans in camps.  I wondered if Canadians had done the same thing and embarrassingly the answer is yes.

However Dr. David Suzuki's biography on his website begins:

He graduated from Amherst College (Massachusetts) in 1958 with an Honours BA in Biology, followed by a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Chicago in 1961. 

Nice, but where was he before that? Turns out he spend some time in one of Canada's internment camps cuz, you know, he's Canadian and third generation Canadian-Japanese.  He was third generation in 1942.  Don't expect a Japanese accent, he won't have one.  Neither will his parents.  Wiki says: 
Suzuki and his family suffered internment in British Columbia during the Second World War from when he was there (1942) until after the war ended. In June 1942, the government sold the Suzuki family's dry-cleaning business, then interned Suzuki, his mother, and two sisters in a camp at Slocan in the British Columbia Interior. His father had been sent to [Solsqua Labour] camp.
Well, isn't that a disgusting thing to read?  Canadian and Japanese citizens where rounded up by the thousands and shipped inland because of the perceived threat to our security.  Many of these people were born in Canada or the US and some didn't even speak Japanese.  Many owned their own businesses, like the Suzuki family, and lost them.  They couldn't even take possessions, like photo albums and scrap books and heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.  I wonder how many families have personal histories that only go back to WWII? What a shame and what a waste.

Oh shut up.  I had to include this one.  He's 64 fricken years old here! Nice abs, hotty

Suzuki is a tireless advocate of living balanced and respecting nature.  He is a forceful spokesperson on global climate change.  He lives by what he preaches as well.  Says Wiki:
Suzuki himself laments that in traveling constantly to spread his message of climate responsibility, he has ended up "over his [carbon] limit by hundreds of tonnes." He has stopped vacationing overseas and taken to "clustering" his speaking engagements together to reduce his carbon footprint. He would prefer, he says, to appear solely by video conference 

Oh hi, I love nature.

For more information on Dr. S, who is 75!!, check out wiki here.  Be advised I found a mistake in the article, however.  It's not Solsquinternment Camp, it's Solsqua.

This whole post was composed because I don't feel like making dinner and this helped me procrastinate. Plus now you know more than you ever thought possible about Dr. S. the seventy-five year old with killer abs. This just scratches the surface, people. It just scratches the surface.


A-Gran said...

I had no idea that Canada was also guilty of this horrific crime against people of Japanese descent. Canada's got nothing on the U.S., but there are some dirty-dealings, for sure. (Looking up at Nunavut).

Noelle said...

My old friend David Suzuki, he is the kind logical voice of every meaningful science film that ever made an impression in high school and college. Thank you for teaching me more.

Noelle said...

In my little home town in Iowa we had both German and Japanese interment camps and part of the land used for these was borrowed forever otherwise stolen from my great grandparents. There is a book written about this at their house I will have to ask Mom the title.


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