Grilled Cheese, Garden Sprouts & Hyacinths

So tired of this computer, firefox, chrome, auto correct, phones that won't let me backspace in comments...Is there a browser that actually works reliably?  I guess I can google it but testimonials are so much more interesting.

Here's an awesome grilled cheese I had for breakfast. Made with cheddar curds which I had shipped from Thornloe in Northern Ontario. These curds are the ones that are so fresh they squeak when you chew them. When they melt and you bite into the sandwich, the cheese strings even better than mozzarella. It looks darker than it was. The bread was a nice golden crisp colour. Yes, it's plain white bread. So what. I like tasting the filling

I apologize because the sandwich is sitting on little pots of soil with sprouts in them. (It's also not centred and not garnished.  I don't care about centred, garnished cheese sandwiches.  I care about Shiraz) That's where the natural light was, people. I've started sweet corn, sunflowers, watermelon and tomatoes. I have luffa and an avocado growing somewhere else in the house.

Here, spring doesn't actually happen according to a date. It happens sometime in May when the likelihood of frost has past. Meanwhile the growing season for most things is well underway. If you plant outside after the frost danger has passed, using tomato plants you buy from a greenhouse, all you get is a bounty of green tomatoes you have to bring in before the frost kills them.

This year, when fall comes, I hope to care enough to actually buy bulbs instead of just thinking about thinking about buying bulbs.  That's a lot of thinking and not a lot of actual doing.  But there's nothing like the fragrance of hyacinth to announce the arrival of spring.


Angie said...

I think your sandwich looks delicious and a sidebar to that would be that I used to have those very dishes. Simpatico, my friend.

Noelle said...

Yes good looking sandwich. Hyacinths are pretty in that picture. Hard word to say.

A-Gran said...

GORGEOUS hyacinths. Love this post.


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